Frostbite 3 Engine DICE, Electronic Arts

After a strong performance on past projects I was requested by the core leads team to lead the level design for Star Wars Battlefront. Together with the Creative Director and the Lead Gameplay Designer, I'm designing the game and its features and levels from pre-production. I'm collaborating with level artists and designers on a daily basis where I provide feedback and discuss potential gameplay issues and how to resolve them. Furthermore, it is up to me to design, prototype and deliver all our multiplayer game modes as the high level feature owner.

Aside from technical implementations and hosting feedback sessions, I'm also responsible for ensuring that we're focusing on the right areas at the right time in order mitigate risk and deliver levels on time and to quality.


Frostbite 3 Engine DICE, Electronic Arts

Battlefield 4 was developed on five platforms (PC, 360, PS3, Xbox One & PS4) as a next-gen console launch title. The game won numerous awards at game shows and from gaming media, including Best Multiplayer.

My contributions were Multiplayer competitive feature design and level design.

Level Design

I started out at DICE as a Junior Designer within the Multiplayer team, where I assisted more senior designers on minor tasks. Thanks to my advanced skills in the Unreal Engine and my background in competitive gaming, I was quickly promoted to design and implement my own competitive game mode and maintain its design on all levels in production.

From there, as other designers dropped of the project for various reasons, my responsibilities quickly grew to the point where towards the end of production, for the last three months, I was the sole designer responsible for maintaining the level design on all levels and all game modes in production (a total of 10 levels and 7 game modes).

The video below showcases gameplay from all levels in the game.


Competitive gaming

My background as a competitive FPS player allowed me to serve as a driving force internally for making Battlefield 4 a competitive game catered for e-sports. The game mode I was asked to prototype was successfully greenlit and now functions as the primary game mode for the world's biggest competitive tournaments in Battlefield 4.

Furthermore, I played a critical role in the design and implementation of the new Spectator feature in Battlefield 4, which allows observers to spectate a match from the sidelines using multiple camera angles. This feature was a highlight of the multiplayer reveal at E3 2013 and has been used to broadcast numerous e-sports competitions since launch.

The below video shows off the game mode Obliteration during the BF4 Showdown, using the Spectator Mode.



Frostbite 3 Engine DICE, Electronic Arts

At the same time as I was responsible for finalizing all the level layouts for the main game (Battlefield 4), I was also in charge of all level layouts, the vehicle balance and objectives on the four China Rising DLC maps, including all 8 available game modes.

It was a hectic time where I interacted with artists and designers across two simultaneous projects and ensured we delivered the best possible gameplay on all levels, regardless of if they were DLC maps or part of the main game.

Guilin Peaks

This is probably one of my favourite levels to have ever worked on. Guilin Peaks is based on the city of Guilin in Guangxi region of China and combines themes from Halo 2 and Battlefield Vietnam. It is a free-flowing jungle map with an intricate cave system connecting all points of interests on the level with one another, providing numerous flanking routes and shortcuts.

Despite having 7 capture points, Guilin Peaks focuses heavily on infantry and caters to one of my design principles that sometimes less is more, as it only features the DLC exclusive Dirt Bike, Quad Bikes and the Transport Helicopter for moving around the level.