My name is Dennis Brännvall and I'm leading the level design for Star Wars Battlefront at EA DICE in Stockholm, Sweden. Before that I worked as a level designer on Battlefield 4 and later led the level design on its following DLC projects China Rising and Naval Strike.

Before that I was a Master's Student at FIEA in Orlando FL, USA (ranked the #2 best game development grad school in the US). Even before that, I worked for Games Workshop in Nottingham, UK, developers of the famous tabletop wargame Warhammer.

- My two favorite videogames are QuakeWorld and Baldur's Gate. I've been involved in the e-sports scene before the term was even invented, both as a champion player, team/clan leader, tournament organizer, broadcaster and reporter. Competitive gaming is dear to my heart and something I can't stay way from even if I wanted to. Similarly, I've been playing RPG's since my pre-teens, both the videogames but even more so the pen and paper games. It is the perfect medium for the storyteller within me.

- Ironically enough, my favorite game isn't actually a videogame but a tabletop one - I've been playing Warhammer for what seems like forever. It combines the storytelling of a RPG with the competitiveness of a shooter, while offering strategy gameplay that is unrivaled by any other game out there. I now own around 10 full-scaled armies and my collection keeps growing!

- Coincidentally, those are the three genres of games that I most enjoy designing - RPG's, shooters and strategy games. Are you developing one? Give me a call!